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This guide should be followed after an installation of LDS. It's purpose is to verify that all aspects of the installation are working.

Items that need verification:

  • mailing: alerts, invitations
  • computer registration: tests https, message server, ping server, app server
  • access hash-id-database via web
  • run maintenance script one: tests that LDS can reach the AMI database on
  • run update-security-db once: tests that the USN database can be downloaded
  • run hash-id-databases once: it tests the necessary network connections. Note: it will take a while
  • run meta-releases once: it tests the network connection. Note: it also takes a while

TODO: write a single script that makes these tests.

Computer registration

  • register a computer using the command line provided by the LDS how-to-register page


  • send out an invitation for another administrator. There should be no significant waiting period (i.e., the admin should get the email quickly as it's not dependent on a cron job)
  • subscribe to the pending computer alert: register a new computer and see if you get the alert in the next 10min
  • subscribe to the offline computer alert: stop landscape-client on an existing computer and wait 10min


Right after a computer registered, keep tailing its package-reporter.log log file. Pretty soon you should see a line similar to this one:

2011-04-06 17:52:02,971 INFO     [MainThread] Downloaded hash=>id database from

That means it worked. The important thing is that it downloaded a file for the right distribution and architecture.