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Clear message

Things to write about:

  • new license file format available. If you replace your existing license with the new format, you can't go back or all existing computers will lose their registations.
  • schema check during startup
  • errors to ignore during upgrade:
    • patch 119 error
    • warnings about transaction import
  • non-quickstart upgrade is less troublesome
  • vmfeatures
    • installing the new client on an existing vm won't make it report the vm: this only happens at registration time
  • automatic activity update (ajax-style refresh)

VM Features

This release of LDS introduces a new license type called "VMFeatures". This license, if purchased, can be used exclusively by virtual machines, including cloud instances. We currently detect vmware, xen and kvm. The use of this feature requires landscape-client or higher.

If you register a virtual machine with Landscape, and you have seats available in the VMFeatures license, the computer will use one of these seats. If VMFeatures is not available, or doesn't have enough seats, then a regular Full seat will be used.

Bare metal machines cannot use VMFeatures seats: they can only use the regular Full license seats. Virtual machines, on the other hand, can use either.

Known Issues

VMFeatures requires new registration

To use a VMFeatures seat, the machine (VM) has to be registered again as this information is only reported at registration time. If it's an existing VM in Landscape, it will need to be removed and registered again, or just registered again. Registering in place of an existing Landscape computer won't work for this feature.

Warnings about transaction module

Some initscripts and the quickstart upgrade will report a warning about the transaction module. This is benign and can be ignored.