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Here are some WORK IN PROGRESS notes about the upgrade process when going from the KVM version of LDS to the current packaged version.

DB on host, Landscape on guest

In this scenario, the database server is running on the host (outside the VM) and the Landscape application is running on the guest (inside the VM). Additionally, the host is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ("lucid").

The goal is to have the Landscape application running on the host, using the same database, and drop the KVM appliance.

  • The following needs to be backed up from the guest (inside the VM):
    • /etc/landscape/*
    • /etc/default/landscape-server
    • apache ssl certificate, key and the whole CA directory if a CA was used
    • apache vhost configuration file
    • /opt/canonical/landscape/configs/
    • /var/lib/landscape/hash-id-database
  • stop the guest
  • install landscape-server-quickstart. You will get an expected error about missing files (license and certificates)
  • restore the backed up files to the same locations
  • start the Landscape services