Juju deployment of Landscape OnPrem

With Juju you can deploy Landscape in a scalable way, and still have all services on a single machine if you want to.

Let's get ready to use Juju:

    sudo apt-get install juju

To learn more about Juju and to bootstrap a Juju controller, check out their getting started page.

Using a bundle

A bundle is a file that contains a description of all the services that make up a deployment and their relation with each other. If you already have a suitable Juju environment configured, you can run this command to deploy Landscape:

    juju deploy cs:bundle/landscape-scalable-0

Landscape 17.03 will be deployed on 4 machines.

If you have a MAAS server, you can take advantage of containers and use the landscape-dense-maas bundle:

    juju deploy cs:bundle/landscape-dense-maas-7

This will deploy Landscape 17.03 on just one node using LXD containers for all services.

Finally, the landscape-dense bundle is quite similar to the dense-maas one, but it installs the haproxy service directly on the machine without a container. All the other services use a container:

    juju deploy cs:bundle/landscape-dense-0

This is useful for the cases where the LXD containers don't get externally routable IP addresses.

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