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||<tablestyle="width: 100%;">~-[[FrontPage|< Landscape help]]-~||<style="text-align: right;">~-[[GettingStarted|InstallingLandscapeClient >]]-~|| ||<tablestyle="width: 100%;">~-[[FrontPage|< Landscape help]]-~||<style="text-align: right;">~-[[GettingStarted/InstallingLandscapeClient|Installing the Landscape client >]]-~||

Landscape help > Getting started > Creating a new account

Creating your Landscape account

Landscape is a client/server system: you first need to create your Landscape account with Canonical, so you can use the Landscape server, and then install the client software on any Ubuntu machine you want to manage using Landscape.

Let's register your Landscape account.

If you already have a Landscape login -- for example, you're a Canonical support customer or you have previously used Landscape -- please use your existing username and password.

Step 1: Sign up for your free 60 day trial account by entering your details on the Landscape registration page.

Step 2: The Landscape team will review your request and then send you an invitation email. Following the link in the email.

Note: depending on your time zone, it may be up to 24 hours (longer at weekends) before you receive the invitation email.

Step 3: All Canonical web services share a common log-in service, hosted by Launchpad.net. If you already have a Launchpad account, sign in. Otherwise, creating a new Launchpad account takes just a couple of minutes. (Read more about creating a Launchpad account)

Step 4: Next, complete the Landscape registration form and you're done!

Welcome to Landscape. Next up, you need to install the Landscape client on any machines that you want to manage using Landscape.

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Installing the Landscape client >