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~- [[FrontPage|Landscape help]] > [[GettingStarted|Getting started]] > Adding administrators -~

= Inviting administrators =

You can share the work of managing the computers in your Landscape account. Each time you want to add another administrator, you need to send them an invite.

If they accept the invite, they'll be able to manage the computers registered in your Landscape account.

To make an invite, log into your Landscape web account and click ''Administrators'' in the left-hand menu.

'''Note:''' invites expire after 14 days.

[[GettingStarted/BecomingAnAdministrator|Accepting an invitation]] to become an additional administrator is straightforward but you can follow our short guide if you need help.

||<tablestyle="width: 100%;">~-[[GettingStarted/InstallingLandscapeClient|< Installing the Landscape client]]-~||<style="text-align: right;">~-[[GettingStarted/BecomingAnAdministrator|Accepting an invitation to become an additional administrator >]]-~||