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Landscape is a tool for deploying OpenStack Clouds and remotely managing computers that run Ubuntu.

Landscape On-Premises

Landscape On-Premises, is the standalone version of Landscape that you can install on your own network.

Each major Landscape version is supported for a period of one year after release. Autopilot deploys are recommended to be on the latest version.

major version

Release date

Supported until

Version of Ubuntu




16.04 LTS ("xenial") or 18.04 LTS ("bionic")




16.04 LTS ("xenial")




14.04 LTS ("trusty") or 16.04 LTS ("xenial")




14.04 LTS ("trusty")

Installing On-Prem

Here is how you can get started:

  • Quickstart, for when you don't have Juju but quickly want to check out On-Prem:

    sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:landscape/18.03
    sudo apt-get install landscape-server-quickstart
  • Juju deployed for a truly scalable deployment. Using bundles, for example:

    sudo apt-get install juju
  • Now select your bundle:

    landscape-dense-maas: if you have the MAAS provider, you can deploy all the services using containers:

    juju deploy cs:bundle/landscape-dense-maas-10
  • landscape-scalable: each service gets its own machine. Currently that means you will need 4 machines for Landscape, and one for the controller node:

    juju deploy cs:bundle/landscape-scalable-1
  • Once the deployment has finished, grab the address of the first haproxy unit and access it with your browser:

    juju status haproxy
  • Manual installation: for when you don't have a suitable Juju environment but need a scalable deployment.

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