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= Welcome to Landscape Help =

Landscape is a tool for remotely managing computers that run Ubuntu. You can find out more in [[http://www.canonical.com/projects/landscape/landscape-tour/|our tour]] and [[http://www.canonical.com/system/files/landscape_v3-1.pdf|white paper]] ~-(pdf)-~.

You can also find help on how to use Landscape, here. [[Subscribe to this page]] to get updates when we add new guides and screencasts.

||<tablestyle="background: #ddd; width: 100%;">'''Special offer:''' [[http://www.canonical.com/contact/landscaperegister|get your free 60-day trial of Landscape]].||

== Getting started ==

 * [[NewAccount|Create a new Landscape account]]
 * [[GettingStarted/InstallingLandscapeClient|Set up the Landscape client]]
 * [[GettingStarted/AddingAdministrators|Add a new administrator]]
 * [[GettingStarted/BecomingAnAdministrator|Accept an invitation to become an administrator]]

== Common tasks ==

 * '''[[RunningScripts|Running scripts]]:''' step by step instructions on how to execute scripts on machines managed by Landscape
 * '''[[InstallingPackages|Installing packages]]:''' documentation about how to install packages using Landscape

== Other help ==

 * '''[[FAQ|Frequently asked questions]]:''' includes registration help, how to navigate Landscape and a feature overview

= Other resources =

 * '''[[http://blog.landscape.canonical.com|Landscape blog]]:''' read about new features and service information
 * '''[[http://www.canonical.com/projects/landscape/landscape-tour/|Landscape tour]]:''' a step-by-step introduction to what Landscape can do for you
 * '''[[http://www.canonical.com/projects/landscape/screencasts|Landscape screencasts]]:''' a collection of screencasts showing a hands on demonstration of some of the features Landscape has