Cloud Deck

With the introduction of Clouddeck, Landscape can now behave as a "cloud proxy" for the EC2 API. This has some interesting benefits, like:

  • monitoring resources: we can show you how much of your cloud capacity is being used
  • resource groups: group users into regions
  • resource control: limit the number of instances that can be started in a group
  • credential delegation: issue EC2-compatible credentials to be used with public or private clouds

This is all possible because Cloud Deck, being a proxy, intercepts all EC2 calls. Your euca or ec2 command-line tools no longer talk to Amazon or UEC, but rather they now talk to Cloud Deck:


The clouds exported by Cloud Deck and seen by the clients are backed on the "real" cloud providers, but the regions are created by Cloud Deck. A resource group in the Cloud Deck user interface becomes a region in EC2 terminology.

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